Monday, December 8, 2008

Al-Waha Mint

Brand: Al-Waha

Flavor: Mint's Flavor

Purchased at: The Stash Gift Shop 17411 SE McLoughlin Blvd Milwaukie, OR 97267


Price: $7.99 USD

Grant: Starting off, I thought this mint was a bit different then the other brands that I've tried before (such as Starbuzz, Al-Fakher and Layalina). Without even unscrewing the 250gr tub, I could already start to smell it. We used Exotica coals, which is pretty normal. They're a natural type of coal, not giving off any dangerous chemicals and, even better yet, they don't explode! As for the shisha itself, it was green in color and not clumped like in most packages. After loading up the bowl and applying the necessary foil and coals; we let it burn for a minute before taking a hit though our 3 hose Fran hookah. (A beginner to intermediate level hookah.) The smoke was not strong at first, but got a little better as we got further through the bowl. For the $7.99 I spent on the tub, I would call it worth the try. Mint also makes some good mixes such as “Blue Mist” (Blueberry and Mint), one of my favorites. Anyway, I give this shisha a solid 8/10 rating. The smoke wasn't great, but better then some. The flavor was good for a budget mint.

Alison: Comparing it to something completely unrelated to hookah and smoking, I'd say it's like stepping outside on an early Spring morning and taking a deep breath. It's a tingling, cold, refreshing feeling throughout your mouth, throat, and lungs. It isn't too strong, or too weak—it happens to be just right. While it's not the most high quality mint shisha, it's good for the price and makes for a damn good smoke. I think I'd highly prefer this flavor as a base, not as the main flavor. Personally, the mint flavor mixed with a sweet and fruity flavor sounds absolutely perfect. I would give this shisha an 8.5/10.

Nathaniel: I should start off saying that, of all brands of shisha that I have tried (Starbuzz, Al-Fakher, Layalina, Pharaoh, Fantasia, Soex, Prince, and Hookah-Hookah), Al-Waha is definitely my favorite. I enjoy the mellower flavor. The shisha was very moist and it had a very nice green color. The smoke wasn't quite as good as smoke we could get from Starbuzz or Al-Fahker, but it was still pretty good. The smoke felt dryer than most smokes, but it was very refreshing. I really enjoyed how cold it felt. I loved the flavor—it tasted like peppermints. I think it was slightly more sensitive to the heat of the charcoal. This is my new favorite flavor, taking the place of Al-Waha Cola. Overall I'd give it a 9/10. If the smoke was a bit thicker, I would give it a 10/10.

Brendan: This has been one of the few shishas that I have really have enjoyed. With a typical shisha flavor, you definitely don't get the same experience as this. The mint is very relaxing and it has an incredible cooling sensation that is unique to the mint and really adds to the experience. For the most part, typical shisha has a nice flavor... but the really cool thing about this mint is that it has not only a nice minty flavor that stays with you, but it also gives a chill to every breath taken afterwards. I'm going to have to say that this is one of my favorites out of the all of the shishas I have tried. I'm going to have to give this an 8.5/10. The smoke was pretty thick, however I, personally, am a bigger fan of thicker smoke. I definitely would recommend this again and look forward to smoking some more in the near future.

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